Fine Art Friday – Google’s Art Project

I had two instances of yearning this week.

My nephew’s Facebook status was “Off to Top of the Rock and MOMA”  His days as a resident of New York City are almost complete; he’s playing the tourist before he goes off to grad school. MOMA is the Museum of Modern Art, home of van Gogh’s famous piece The Starry Night. Oh. (sigh) Wouldn’t it be grand to stand in front of that painting and absorb it? To see the brush strokes and shades of blue?


I lunched with a friend back from a visit to Scandinavia and northern Europe. She spoke of the glory of seeing several Rembrandts at the Hermitage. The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world. Thank you very much, Catherine the Great! [Saint Petersburg is quickly inching its way up into my top cities I want to visit.  Florence is first. Then it’s a scramble between Budapest, Paris, London, NYC, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Athens, Dubrovnik, Ephesus, Cape Town…and, of course,…Saint Petersburg.] I sat there, sipping iced tea, and imagining a day at the Hermitage, the leisure to linger in front of Return of the Prodigal Son examining details like the bottom of the prodigal son’s feet. I yearned.

Then, mirabile!, thanks to Meghan at Pink Peppers I learned about Google’s Art Project. Start by watching the Visitor’s Guide.

Oh, people! Do you see the possibilities?  The challenge is that there is so much to see.  It’s like getting a set of Harvard Classics delivered to your door; it’s easier to look at them than to begin reading. I’ve been wanting to revive Fine Art Friday and this seems like the perfect vehicle. Next week I will start a visit to The Hermitage. I have a focus. 

Life is beautiful. 


Is This the Face?

Jesus on the Cross, Rembrandt

Is this the Face that thrills with awe
      Seraphs who veil their face above?
Is this the Face without a flaw       
      The Face that is the Face of Love?
Yea, this defaced, a lifeless clod,   
Hath all creation’s love sufficed
Hath satisfied the love of God,       
     This Face the Face of Jesus Christ

Christina Rossetti

Art in Africa – Fine Art Friday


Rumour has it… Willa Pitcher , Zimbabwean artist

I received a card from a friend who is working in Zambia.
I couldn’t find this painting online so I took a photograph of it.

I love it so much, I’m going to frame it.

I looked for more information, more images by Willa Pitcher.
Here’s what I found at Art of Africa.

Willa Pitcher’s art career did not get off to a promising start,
as she ruefully recalls being thrown out of the art class
at the Harare convent for being a disruptive influence!
After the tragic death of her farmer husband in the Rhodesian war,
Willa moved to Harare and from 1983 had art lessons
with Ann Lindsell-Stewart for a few years.
She also studied figure drawing with Rose West
and watercolours with Martin van der Spuy and Rose Trewatha.
Since then she has partaken in numerous group exhibitions in Zimbabwe,
and has two lined up for this year, at the Wingate Club and the Verandah Gallery.

Wash Day, Willa Pitcher

Going Home, Willa Pitcher

Rumours, Willa Pitcher

Mako Fujimura, Illuminator

Makoto Fujimura – The Art of “The Four Holy Gospels” from Crossway on Vimeo.

We, today, have a language to celebrate waywardness,

but we do not have a language, a cultural language,

to bring people back home.

~ Makoto Fujimura

As a reluctant, incipient appreciator of nonrepresentational art, I find this somewhere between intriguing and exciting.  I plan to save up for The Four Holy Gospels

Here is a link to a preview.


Fine Art Friday – Board Books

I am delighted with these board books!
They tell a story using the artist’s illustrations.
They just came in the mail today
so I haven’t given them a “test drive”
with my grandsons yet.

I can’t imagine the boys will be impressed with Degas’ ballerinas.
I’m guessing Henri Rousseau’s sailboats, jungles, monkeys and deer
will wow them. And Van Gogh is especially lovely.

Mary Cassatt just IS my favorite Impressionist.
This book ends with Breakfast in Bed.
I should think it would be a calming bedtime story.

At the time of writing, there were 17 used Monet books for $0.01!
It costs $3.99 for shipping.

12 used Renoirs selling for $0.01!

In the Garden with Van Gogh
15 used Van Goghs selling for $0.01!
It has First Steps, Starry Night, and Irises.
I’m particularly fond of this book.
Good for boys and girls.

A visual feast!

A Magical Day with Matisse
A dozen used Matisse books selling for $0.01!

Dancing with Degas
21 used Degas books selling for $0.01!
Wouldn’t this make a cute baby gift?

Painting with Picasso (Mini Masters)
My least favorite, but I’m curious
what the kids think.

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Shoot, I buy/swap/borrow many books because of reviews there.
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