Art in Africa – Fine Art Friday


Rumour has it… Willa Pitcher , Zimbabwean artist

I received a card from a friend who is working in Zambia.
I couldn’t find this painting online so I took a photograph of it.

I love it so much, I’m going to frame it.

I looked for more information, more images by Willa Pitcher.
Here’s what I found at Art of Africa.

Willa Pitcher’s art career did not get off to a promising start,
as she ruefully recalls being thrown out of the art class
at the Harare convent for being a disruptive influence!
After the tragic death of her farmer husband in the Rhodesian war,
Willa moved to Harare and from 1983 had art lessons
with Ann Lindsell-Stewart for a few years.
She also studied figure drawing with Rose West
and watercolours with Martin van der Spuy and Rose Trewatha.
Since then she has partaken in numerous group exhibitions in Zimbabwe,
and has two lined up for this year, at the Wingate Club and the Verandah Gallery.

Wash Day, Willa Pitcher

Going Home, Willa Pitcher

Rumours, Willa Pitcher


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