He’s My Brother

I have to be careful here, because I have four big brothers. 

And only one makes his presence known online.

But I just switched the header to the blog using one of my brother’s photos of the mountain I can see out my window.  (I’m including the photo in this post, because the header changes with the seasons.)

And I like to brag on my brothers. 

They all have that je nais se quoi, umm, shall we say…focus…on whatever they do.  And a striving to master whatever they put their minds to.

In Dan’s case it is photography. (When it’s not cooking, singing, gardening, theology, or sharpening knives.)

My brother happens to be one of the best photographers I know.  He doesn’t settle for “whatever”.

Lighting.  Lens.  Composition.  And Editing.  Oh, yes.  Do not forget to edit.

So if you’d like to see some really magnificent pictures, go here!  Enjoy!

Love you, Danny!


4 thoughts on “He’s My Brother

  1. As I am pouting about wanting to attend one of Donna’s photography workshops, I have to wonder if Dan (Daniel? Danny?) would ever consider a photo workshop in The City By The Bay.Or cooking lessons.Or knife sharpening lessons.(-:Di

  2. I sure would like to have your brother photograph the mountains I get to look at!  That is a beautiful picture.There are some in my family with fine cameras, but they aren’t the same kind of photographer as your brother, Carol. You are blessed.

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