A Hot Sultry Day

Saturday, 8-3-57

My Dearest,

I just returned from town — took your magazine in to the library (and Dorothy checked out two books), and took the keys over to Bert Smith to take up to camp. Mary said that he was going up this afternoon for a board meeting. I also asked him to bring David home with him, if David was still there when he got there.

What prompted me to write so soon was that I found your flash attachment under the chair this morning. I imagine that you meant that it should be in your brief case. I’ll not mail it up, but if, after looking the situation over up there, you decide to stay the second week [what?!! The woman is 8 months pregnant; I’d be saying “Get home now.”], drop me a card and I’ll send it up with Bunces for the second week.

Danny can’t understand where you are, but he wants to go see you. He thinks that you should be in camp or Chicago, and this new place is a little confusing to him. [I don’t know where Dad is; I’m guessing another Bible Camp in the Upper Peninsula.]

Mary asked me to contact the folks along this road about Vacation Bible School next week. Duane Jacobs requested that, as he used to have classes in Bogen school. I don’t know how much we can get done today and tomorrow, but we will try. [Again: 8 months preggers!]

It is a hot sultry day again. I hope it is cooler for you going north. Store up a little of that for me!

Well, I’ll sign off and get these letters out to the mail box and get some lunch ready for us. All we feel like doing is drinking something cold, but I suppose that when we get to the table we’ll do better than that. Got to get those scales down this week —.

Nellie and children


He’s My Brother

I have to be careful here, because I have four big brothers. 

And only one makes his presence known online.

But I just switched the header to the blog using one of my brother’s photos of the mountain I can see out my window.  (I’m including the photo in this post, because the header changes with the seasons.)

And I like to brag on my brothers. 

They all have that je nais se quoi, umm, shall we say…focus…on whatever they do.  And a striving to master whatever they put their minds to.

In Dan’s case it is photography. (When it’s not cooking, singing, gardening, theology, or sharpening knives.)

My brother happens to be one of the best photographers I know.  He doesn’t settle for “whatever”.

Lighting.  Lens.  Composition.  And Editing.  Oh, yes.  Do not forget to edit.

So if you’d like to see some really magnificent pictures, go here!  Enjoy!

Love you, Danny!

Tip for Closed Eyes in Photos

Jim – an excellent  wedding photographer – gave me the best photography tip EVER.  When I was in Pennsylvania we had to take the requisite family pictures. 

“I’m sorry, but my eyes are always closed in pictures.  I try not to blink to no avail.” I apologized in advance.

“Here’s what you do.” Jim replied. “I will count to three and you blink on two.  Your eyes will be open in every picture.”

It works!  Blink on two.  Profound!  Have you heard of that? 

Now if I could only learn to shut my mouth.

My six sibs and me