Tip for Closed Eyes in Photos

Jim – an excellent  wedding photographer – gave me the best photography tip EVER.  When I was in Pennsylvania we had to take the requisite family pictures. 

“I’m sorry, but my eyes are always closed in pictures.  I try not to blink to no avail.” I apologized in advance.

“Here’s what you do.” Jim replied. “I will count to three and you blink on two.  Your eyes will be open in every picture.”

It works!  Blink on two.  Profound!  Have you heard of that? 

Now if I could only learn to shut my mouth.

My six sibs and me


7 thoughts on “Tip for Closed Eyes in Photos

  1. Okay.  I’ll go from left to right.  The numbers represent birth order.Dan- the tenor (in black) (6),  John  – the computer genuius (4), Carol -me (7), Margaret – nurse (retired) (3), David (pastor/dairy farmer) (2), Dorothy  – piano teacher/grandma (1), Jim – physician (5) 

  2. What a fun picture….I”m so jealous of people with lots of brother and sisters…I always wanted at least a brother…All I got was one big sister.  Looks like a fun bunch!  I will tell that trick to my daughter and husband…the two in our family famous for the closed eyes.

  3. Oh THANK YOU! Such a blessing to know!! I have been nervous for almost two years in planning for our wedding that my eyes would be shut in every picture! I cant wait to try the trick in our engagement pictures!

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