Let Me Interrupt

Interrupting is the verbal
equivalent of shoving.

~ Margaret Shepherd in
The Art of Civilized Conversation: A Guide to Expressing Yourself With Style and Grace


I need this reminder.

It helps me to consider that the base, ruptum,
means to break, shatter or burst open.
It gives us the words rupture, abrupt, corrupt and eruption.


7 thoughts on “Let Me Interrupt

  1. Me, too. But here’s the thing–isn’t it better to interrupt someone who is explaining something, right when they say it, for clarification purposes? I mean, what is the point of someone going on and on when they lost me at the very beginning of what they were saying???

  2. Yes, it is with deliberate effort (take a deep breath – in and out!) that I allow other people to say their say. I think this is what “verbal shoving” implies: interrupting others to say your (most important) piece, thereby not willing to listen to theirs; but an enthused interruption – that is conversation  Alas, you know how difficult it is if the other person keeps interrupting you with her/his most important story! Then again, are these people friends or mere acquaintances? A friend can be my alter tongue – interruption I then won’t mind but welcome…

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