Fine Art Friday – Board Books

I am delighted with these board books!
They tell a story using the artist’s illustrations.
They just came in the mail today
so I haven’t given them a “test drive”
with my grandsons yet.

I can’t imagine the boys will be impressed with Degas’ ballerinas.
I’m guessing Henri Rousseau’s sailboats, jungles, monkeys and deer
will wow them. And Van Gogh is especially lovely.

Mary Cassatt just IS my favorite Impressionist.
This book ends with Breakfast in Bed.
I should think it would be a calming bedtime story.

At the time of writing, there were 17 used Monet books for $0.01!
It costs $3.99 for shipping.

12 used Renoirs selling for $0.01!

In the Garden with Van Gogh
15 used Van Goghs selling for $0.01!
It has First Steps, Starry Night, and Irises.
I’m particularly fond of this book.
Good for boys and girls.

A visual feast!

A Magical Day with Matisse
A dozen used Matisse books selling for $0.01!

Dancing with Degas
21 used Degas books selling for $0.01!
Wouldn’t this make a cute baby gift?

Painting with Picasso (Mini Masters)
My least favorite, but I’m curious
what the kids think.

I’m participating in Saturday Review of Books.
Shoot, I buy/swap/borrow many books because of reviews there.
Click on the icon to find out more.



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