Fine Art Friday – Woman at the Window

The Woman at the Window, 1822, Caspar David Friedrich

Subdued interior…light exterior
vertical orientation
Ship’s mast
Cruciform intersection of window panes

What are your thoughts about her thoughts?
Is she catching a breath of fresh air?
Does she want to get away?
Is she watching the kids play?


5 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday – Woman at the Window

  1. At first I thought, looking for someone to come home.  But the boat seems to be small, and there is forest beyond that, so, maybe it is watching the vacationers, the pleasure fishers, the children playing in skiffs and on the banks of the river/bay/lake.  I wish I could just go look, because now I’m very curious!  Is she calling her people in for lunch?

  2. Checking on the children?  Seeing if the husband is out working on the boat?  Her pose suggests to me that she is purposefully leaning towards the window, which makes me think less of daydreaming and pensive thoughts and more of a task to be done or a worry to be dispelled by a reassuring look outside…

  3. My first thought, too, was looking for the sailor to come home. Maybe she lives on the inlet of a larger body of water – that would explain the small boat, and also the longing i sense for something that’s outside the window… then again, maybe she was trying not to throw up and needed some air. Migraine. From the sacred to the profane…… life.

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