July Joy

DSC_4732Joyous weddings nurture my spirit.

Daddy dance: our son and the flower girl (our Aria) dancing

Wine tasting with Dan and la Bella (my brother and sis-in-law, Valeri)

I’ve wanted one of these giant (= mellow) wind chimes for years. An early birthday gift!

DSC_5160Kizzy, Little Bit, Jemima, Baby Girl, Violet, Pony Boy, Cookie

DSC_5243The Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive” is this plant’s theme song.
Not to be dramatic, but sometimes keeping it alive seems my greatest challenge.

DSC_5250Reintroducing radishes to my palate.

DSC_5210A royal bloom

DSC_2836A byproduct of forced frugality early in life is the thrill of a matched set later in life!


Reading aloud to my grands is one of my passions. I often read during meals as they eat. Water colors, sketching, markers, or play dough also help occupy their hands during non-meal times. This was my oldest grandson’s creation during today’s read aloud session.


Edith Irvine, Photographer of SF Earthquake

City_Hall(1)Kristiana Gregory’s YA book, Earthquake at Dawn, was my bonus read this month. It is historical fiction at its best: a tragic and fascinating story based on and including primary sources. Through this book I learned about Edith Irvine, an extraordinary photographer. In a mighty strange convergence, Edith, 22, was in a boat about to dock at 5:12 a.m. April 18, when the shaking and quaking of the 1906 Earthquake began.

Gutted_AreaA photojournalist at heart, she went into the city and started to take pictures. She had to be surreptitious, because the city government wanted to minimize both the death toll and the damage. With martial law in effect, Irvine took great risks in documenting the destruction.

Flood_Mansion_California_Street__Mason_StreetA few sentences from a letter written on May 1, 2006 by Mary Exa Atkins Campbell head every chapter.

Streams of people in white and colored garments poured into the streets and for a time we remained, a mourning, groaning, sobbing, wailing, weeping and praying crowd. The most pathetic of all were the poor half-clad women clasping little infants in their arms and begging for mercy.

Produce_areaThe picture of the horses killed by the falling bricks is the most famous photograph of Edith Irvine’s.


Martial law went into effect, with no due process regarding crime. Mary Exa, again:

The big fire in the mission [district] was caused by a man and woman who, after being made to put out the first fire they made, built another as soon as the policeman left. He came back, saw what they had done, called them out and shot them dead.

Hordes of people were displaced; they camped out at Golden Gate Park Mary Exa wrote that sixteen little babies were born in the Park the day after the quake and one woman had triplets.

Edith Irvine overwhelmed my imagination. Irvine, CA, is named after her family. I have been slowly browsing the 293 photos in the online collection at Brigham Young University. There are photos of Yosemite, the mining town she grew up in, dams being built, cats, horses, portraits and scenes from everyday life.

Half_Dome_Yosemite (1)All photographs are from the Brigham Young University library. You can see the entire collection online.

55 Photographs

 Sherry was kind enough to be born exactly three months before me.
Her annual celebrations give me great ideas, which, alas, I seldom do.
But, this year, I believe I will follow through on several 55 lists.
It’s not my birthday today, but September is my birthday month.

Let’s start with 55 Photographs.
Oh, the places you will go!
One benefit of coming from a large, spread out family is that you just have to visit your people.
Here are 55 cherished memories.
I took each photo and would appreciate you asking before you download.

1. Sunrise at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina


2. Iona Abbey, Scotland


3. Iona, Scotland


4. Baldy Lake, Oregon


5. Imler, Pennsylvania


6. La Grande, Oregon



7. Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington


8. Country Bible Church, Whitman County, Washington


 9. Duart Castle, Isle of Mull, Scotland


10. Richland, Oregon


11. York, England


12. Casco Bay, Maine


13. Moscow, Idaho


14. Columbia River, Boardman, Oregon


15. Snake River near Richland, Oregon



16. Sebago, Maine


17. Cumberland, Maine


18. Lostine Canyon, Oregon


19. Enterprise, Oregon


20. Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Burns, Oregon



21. Mt. Shasta, as seen from Klamath Falls, Oregon


22. Imnaha, Oregon


23. Blue Ridge, Georgia


24. Franklin, Tennessee


25. Joseph Canyon, Oregon


26. Grande Ronde Valley, Oregon


27. Troy, Idaho


28. Rattlesnake Highway, Oregon


29. Chicago, Illinois


30. University of Chicago


31. Baraboo, Wisconsin


32. Lombard, Illinois


33. Wallowa, Oregon


34. Cary, North Carolina


35. Potlatch, Idaho


36. Baker City, Oregon


37. Haines, Oregon



38. La Grande, Oregon


39. Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland


40. Outside Jasper, Alberta


41. Bridge of Sighs, Oxford, England



42. Lower British Columbia


43. On the way to Banff


44. Crowsnest Pass, Alberta


45.  Columbia Icefields, Alberta


46. Lake Pend Oreille, Sandpoint, Idaho


47.  Seattle, Washington


48. Wildlife crossing on way to Banff


49. Southern Washington



50. Approaching Baker City, Oregon


51.  High Valley, Alberta


52.  Alberta prairie



53.  Joseph, Oregon


54.  Haines, Oregon


55.  Home