Neener, Neener, Neener

To the deer in my neighborhood
who have mysteriously missed my tulips this year:
Thanks chumps!



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Addendum, the next morning

Pride goes before a (snow)fall

Frenchglen, Charming Tiny Town


Frenchglen…where you can hear the wind whisper

Frenchglen…population 12


The Mercantile was closed, apparently abandoned…
perhaps waiting for tourist season to open.

If benches could talk…

This is the west, people!

Goodbye, modernity…

If you sat on this chair…

…this would be the big picture…

…above this.

For all its decay, there was still evidence of a good life.

In the distance a man leans against a fencepost.
Friendly and welcoming, he was content living in Frenchglen.

Frenchglen still has a heartbeat;
however, it seems a gasp away from being a ghost town.

Tuesday Morning


Another lovely November day saturated in sunshine.
A walk to the library.  Gavin and his two maidenly aunts.

The photo on the left is the solarium reading area for kids.

Talk about distractions.
You walk into a library…no one is reading a book!
Everyone (kids included) is on a computer.

We did read some books…and acted them out!

On the walk home…puppies in the window!