Neener, Neener, Neener

To the deer in my neighborhood
who have mysteriously missed my tulips this year:
Thanks chumps!



::          ::          ::          ::          ::

Addendum, the next morning

Pride goes before a (snow)fall


7 thoughts on “Neener, Neener, Neener

  1. Beautiful! And they are blooming! It must be Spring out there. Here, we may not have it. My Flowering Crab Tree is pretty bare. It’s usually a good indication of if and when Spring will be here. I expect we will have winter until that one hot day in July, then Winter again.

  2. What fun! The roses here at my dad’s house are WILD! I should take a photo to show you, shouldn’t I? There are orchids, too, but they really need to be repotted and taken better care of than they have been in the past few years. Yes, that would be my cue 😉

  3. Don’t they just catch your breath?  They are so beautiful.  Everything’s covered in snow here as well.  My daffodils just bloomed this week, and today they are sleeping in, heads tucked down, leaves pulled in. I’ve some greenery that is standing, refusing to stay in bed; children all.

  4. Tulips are nice, but I prefer jonquils…. like that *scrambled eggs* version (bottom center).Hopefully, the snow melted quickly and your fleurs were undamaged.

  5. We face the same the same obstacles as you – deer like locusts and global cooling. You seem however to be having a significantly better outcome…

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