Fine Art Friday for Moms


Mary Cassatt.

An American often associated with French artists.
A single woman famous for depicting maternal love.
From Altoona, Pennsylvania! ♥♥

Today is a day of mingled grief and joy.
When I look at this art
my grief is not for what I lost
but for those who haven’t known
the touch of a loving mother,
the care of being bathed,
the warmth of being read a story,
the intimacy of touching mama’s face,
the security of being firmly held.

Happy Mother’s Day


2 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday for Moms

  1. I’m waaay behind;  Mother’s Day is long past. During my long years of infertility, it was always the worst day of the year for me.  Now, with my nest full, it is a day of rejoicing. I do hope, though, that the pain that left a mark on my heart will enable me to be a vessel of comfort to other women who experience the void that exists b/c of the loss of a mother or an empty womb.  The Cassatt art was a perfect compliment for these thoughts.  Thank you, Carol!

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