Tuesday Morning


Another lovely November day saturated in sunshine.
A walk to the library.  Gavin and his two maidenly aunts.

The photo on the left is the solarium reading area for kids.

Talk about distractions.
You walk into a library…no one is reading a book!
Everyone (kids included) is on a computer.

We did read some books…and acted them out!

On the walk home…puppies in the window!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning

  1. @Suzanne –  Oh I hope you enjoy your Latin lessons.  I remember the first year, when we worked at it …solo.  It was tough sledding.  There is so much more available now, though.  @applechexx – Well, I’d get skewered by my husband or my son if I did that.  That’s the joy of pet stores.  @hiddenart –  Yes, Ma’am!  A couple books on digital photography (I’d sure like to make my camera work a little harder for me), a fabulous book of Winslow Homer Drawings which caught my eye while I was in the stacks, and a book on Civility!!  I usually have about 6-8 checked out at a time.  I’m just a glutton for books, I guess…

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