Fine Art Friday – Sir George Clausen


Little Haymakers, Sir George Clausen, 1885

Clausen is a Naturalist painter I discovered last year.
He has quickly become a favorite artist.

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Larsson’s Letter Writing



Letter Writing, 1912 Carl Larsson (1853-1919)

The thick braid, the pewter candle holder, leggy geraniums, artwork hung low, extra chair in the corner, the posture of concentration:  I love it all.   Thank you, Kathleen.  I love you, too!


Fine Art Friday – Watercolor!

A Moment Spurred,  Ann Yoder

My goal as an artist is to create paintings
that share a ‘voice’ that your heart hears.
~  Ann Yoder

People!  I have a real treat for you.

My friend, Ann Yoder.

Our kids were in play group together.

Whenever we meet randomly in town,
it is talk, talk, talk…

Please don’t skip this link, she does excellent work.


The stories behind the paintings are like
the “Vivid” setting on a camera.

Inspiration Behind the Art

Your day *will* be better because of her art.

Fine Art Friday – The Gower Family

The Gower Family, George Romney 1776-77

Isn’t this a fun piece for the first of May?
Four sisters dancing while their sister Anne beats the time.

I see family dynamics…and have fun assigning personalities.
The two on the left intent on their sister’s cues.
Look at the form of the girl with her back to us.
The two on the right making sure you notice them,
the shortest shyly and the tilted head confidently.

Why the dark background? 

Fine Art Friday, Sir George Clausen

French Peasant Girls Praying, 1875
[This is a photo I took of a page from my book.
This is my introduction to Sir George Clausen;
I’m so thankful for what I’ve discovered
because of this picture.]

A Normandy Peasant, 1887
[I love the colors and the background;
the absent smile is haunting, no?]

Twilight 1909
[Of course I love this one! 
A girl, a light and a book.
I need to add this to my gallery
of readers in my hallway.]

Next week I’ll move on to another artist.
I think I will remember this winter as the
season I discovered Clausen.
big breath…happy sigh

Best place to learn more about Clausen.