Fine Art Friday, Sir George Clausen

French Peasant Girls Praying, 1875
[This is a photo I took of a page from my book.
This is my introduction to Sir George Clausen;
I’m so thankful for what I’ve discovered
because of this picture.]

A Normandy Peasant, 1887
[I love the colors and the background;
the absent smile is haunting, no?]

Twilight 1909
[Of course I love this one! 
A girl, a light and a book.
I need to add this to my gallery
of readers in my hallway.]

Next week I’ll move on to another artist.
I think I will remember this winter as the
season I discovered Clausen.
big breath…happy sigh

Best place to learn more about Clausen.


14 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday, Sir George Clausen

  1. That middle picture, “A Normandy Peasant” — when I saw it, I immediately thought of Mary in a Wendell Berry’s story ”A Jonquil for Mary Penn” — I picture her looking just like that! 

  2. So happy to see the one of the girls praying…. I had searched to no avail.About the middle one – I like the background, too.  That cupboard filled with china and silver spoons…. makes me wonder what *peasant* means?Thanks for introducing me to Sir George Clausen!

  3. @LaurieLH – Oh! Laurie!  You take my breath away!  Mary Penn.  I can see it.  Oh!  This picture will always be precious because of your observation.  I *love* that short story of Wendell Berry.  Laurie.  That was a shot of adrenaline.  Wow. 

  4. @hiddenart – You know, Dana, I wondered the same thing.  I wondered if she was a maid or hired help in the Clausen home.  I could picture her working in the kitchen and having “Sir George” ask her to come into the dining room and stand “just over there in front of the plates” for him.  

  5. Well, it may just be a different connotation for the word than our modern/post-modern understanding.    *Peasant* brings up more admirable characteristics than the term *bourgoisie*, if I remember correctly from my French civilization studies.  It’s kind of like my choosing a Bougeureau sheperdess as an avatar.  FWIW

  6. @magistramater - I was so moved by that story also — I knew I had been Mary Penn at some time and had known the unexpected joy of being surprised and truly loved by my husband (by the way, I was so moved as I wrote my comment above, I obviously forgot to proofread — sorry)

  7. @wonderloveandpraise – Thank you for your kind words, Steph.  Our friend Isaiah will be transported to an acute care facility in Boise that specializes in head traumas.  Did you see the update on FB on Monday that he was more responsive?  When asked if he understood to give a thumbs up, he did it!  That was huge!  On Wednesday the tiny town where he lives (population less than 300, I believe) had a pie auction fundraiser.  All these farmer and cowboy types crowded into the room and bid up those pies like crazy!  They raised an amount in five figures.  Another huge blessing, both in the funds to help with expenses and the support behind them.  This family is beloved in their community.  Another youth group a valley away has been raising money in the ways available to youth: selling cookies, making cakes, etc. (it’s too cold for car washes yet!).  They raised $1000 in a week of concerted effort.  After intense prayers, updates, concerns…I think we are all coming to a point that his mom and dad have gotten: understanding that this is a loooong haul.  We keep praying.  And it will be a time of stretching all of us so we can be generous and stand with our brothers and sisters.  Thank you for asking.  Thank you for your prayers.

  8. Thanks for the update on Isaiah–I was wondering, too.It’ll be a lot of teaching in the area of patience and perseverence, I’m sure.The monochromatic painting keeps me from enjoying it as much as the others, shallow as I am!! The girl reading somehow reminds me of the days my dad would preach at my grandparents’ church and we would go to their house afterwards for dinner. After the meal, us kids would sit and read in the living room while my parents/grandparents visited. Yes, we brought a book w/ us wherever we went!

  9. Oh, Carol! The thumbs up is absolutely the greatest news! I’m off FB – LOVE it, but it’s not working for me as far as how I spend my time. Maybe when I’m more of a grown up. :)Nonetheless, the Isaiah news is fabulous. Yes, to a marathon – not a sprint. I love how the people who love him and his family are rallying. Bravo, bravo. Thanks for the grand news.Back to the garden tv show.. we have big dreams for the landscaping of our new place… 🙂

  10. Surprise! — Tonight while browsing more Clausen paintings on the web, I found this one — my mom painted a version of this during one of her painting classes — so without realizing it, I was introduced to Clausen some ten years ago — and now, his work takes on new significance!

  11. I’m glad to read the update on Isaiah, too.And Clausen – thank you for introducing him to me!  I love the paintings you chose, especially the last one of the girl reading by lamplight.  Lovely.

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