A Light and A Glory

The Song of Simeon by Rembrandt

Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace,
according to thy word:
For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,
Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people;
A light to lighten the Gentiles,
and the glory of thy people Israel.

~   ~   ~

This song grabbed my soul when I was 15 years old.
We sang this text in high school choir.
I have never found the musical setting of that “Song of Simeon”.
Every year I look.
When I was 15, I didn’t think to write a composer’s name down.

I wish I could find it.
Because I’d love to share it with you.
No Nunc Dimittus I’ve heard comes close
to the glory of the tune I know,
even though some are quite good.

Rembrandt’s painting is compelling.
I love Simeon’s hands and eyes.
Rembrandt capture’s Simeon’s heart full of joy.

Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “A Light and A Glory

  1. Beautiful! You must have been an incredibly mature and thoughtful 15 year old (I was still singing songs like “Pass it On” and “He’s Everything to Me”  ). Christmas blessings to you Carol, and I eagerly await news of your next Christmas present! Blessings, Laurie

  2. I love the Nunc Dimitis!  We sing is each Vespers and every time a baby is welcomed to church at 40 days of age.  I’ve been thinking of praying it with my son for part of his bedtime prayers.I hope you find the setting you remember and loved.  I know that feeling.

  3. The colors and shadings and hues of this painting are amazing!! Not to mention the way he made the rest of the painting fade in comparison to Simeon’s face-beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us. Blessings for a wonderful holiday with your family! Love you!!!

  4. I agree with Deb – it is sung every Vespers and at Churchings, I wonder if you could find an Orthodox Vesperal CD that would have it.And, I also love it, I cry every Churching.

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