Fine Art Friday – Sir George Clausen

Sir George Clausen  is a delightful discovery of my week.
If you are a fan of Bouguereau’s art, you will like Clausen.
He studied under Bouguereau.
Does he remind you of Millet? 
Remember my Millet in March fiasco two years ago? (giggle)

I haven’t been able to find the print I wanted to highlight,
French Peasant Girls Praying.

But here are three paintings to enjoy this Friday.

Straw Plaiter, 1883

Brown Eyes, 1891
This could be a portrait of my niece.
You can see the impressionist influence in this one.

Head of a French Peasant Woman
[Her hands, particularly her little finger strike me.]

Clausen’s forté was landscape and peasant art.
He believe that the subject of landscape art
wasn’t the landscape,
but the light. 

I could do a month of Clausens.  They are lovely.


4 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday – Sir George Clausen

  1. Wonderful!!  I love the simplicity in the first, the piercing eyes in the second, and the *earthiness* of the third.Thank you for introducing me to Clausen.Feel free to repeat

  2. Exquisite — in detail and in subject and in color — I have not seen works by this artist before — so glad I stopped by today! Do feel free to do a month of Clausens.

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