Spring Right In the House

March 15, 1957

My dearest John,

Time flies on and my letter writing is neglected. A few interesting things have happened. The weather is one – spring yesterday, and so windy and cold today. The house feels so drafty even though I spent some time stopping up cracks this evening.

I took Margaret to the eye doctor last night. He made quite a thorough examination, it seemed to me. She seems to have a farsightedness that is not too serious – often comes in the first three grades of school and can be corrected. If let go, though, it can develop into more serious trouble. So, $29.50 for glasses. Nothing can do but take their word for it. I watched her testing in reading and identifying things and she did miss a lot. He said that eye trouble follows certain patterns in growing children: the first three grades, the seventh grade, and the last two years of high school.

Sturgis won the game on Wednesday night, and now must win one tonight over Greenville in order to play tomorrow night for the regional title. They are handicapped because Steve Boyle had to leave the game Wednesday night with a bad knee and is out for the season, and two other have the flu. Dick Bunce has been sick, but the Dr. last night said he could wrestle this Saturday for the state championship.

Dave wasn’t there Wed. night to keep prayer meeting rolling according to schedule. They got involved in some business about the Belman house, etc. and it lasted until 8:25 – which makes problems downstairs [where the younger children are]. We managed to keep them reasonably quiet, but it is hard.

Damers asked us to come over for dinner on Sunday. They said that they would like a time when you were home, but that seemed impossible, so they asked us to come. So hurry home and you can come along!

There is one beautiful daffodil now and buds for six more – spring right in the house. I’m surprised how the youngsters enjoy it.

I’m really out of news so I’m going to close now. As usual it seems like a month since you have been home. I’m really looking forward to summer and trust that we’ll have more time together. The camp suggestion sounds good, but I sometimes wonder how effective our help would be. If it is a caretaker they need, our lives are not along that, judging from how we have cared for any place we’ve lived in. I’m glad we can pray and trust the Lord to work it all out for us.

Now, all my love darling. We miss you. The children have been good this week. Danny has a huge goose egg above his left eye. The wind blew the door knob into his head. Jimmy and Danny were like young colts the two days they could play outdoors.


Danny has graduated – you are now in Oooooook Park – not Chicago!!


Pencil marks on the wall

[No date – March 1957]
Dearest John,

Just a note today. I started scrubbing pencil marks off the wall and there’s no stopping place, so I’m up to my neck in a job. Wish I had a ladder for the ceiling.

Nothing new around here – the children enjoyed the wrestling match. Dick was on his back once – scared everyone, but he soon pinned the other one down and is still undefeated. He had several degrees of temp. but still went out.

Mr. Reid was good, and a fairly good crowd out since it was prayer meeting night.

Hesper was over yesterday and told me that both of her girls accepted the Lord – at different times – in my Good News Club last year. I hadn’t known of it but it was gracious of the Lord to let me see or know of some definite results.

All for today — I’m like the kids. Seems so long since I’ve seen you! I love you – so much.


Taxes and a raccoon 3-1-57

Wed. morning 2-27-57

This letter is like some my mother writes – all confused as to order.

I promised to take the youngsters to see the wrestling meet tonight at the gym at 4:00. They have been after me to see Dick [Bunce] wrestle all winder. He is still undefeated. I’m sure that I have no interest in going, but will take them.

Duncan Reid is to be at prayer meeting tonight – I think I’ll take the children upstairs for that part of the meeting.

Now I had better get to my washing – a huge one again, but I did get caught up with the ironing yesterday. Winter again this morning. Jimmy is so disappointed as he surely wants to have spring here.

[Thursday 3-1-57?]
The mailman came early again today – maybe he has a new schedule? Before I was out to the mailbox he was on his way. So I’ll answer your nice long letter and put it in with what I had already written.

Sweetheart, don’t feel badly about not writing every day. You just aren’t made that way, because when you do write you tell so many details and include so much that I surely don’t feel neglected. And while I do love to get letters, I have learned to wait, and I don’t want you to feel like it is a chore you must do. And sometimes when I don’t get a letter I just pick up the last one you wrote and reread it and am happy again. I do appreciate having so many details of your work and problems because I don’t want these long periods of separation to draw us apart as far as interests are concerned.

Once more about the dog. The first day and a half around here he seemed very friendly and the children petted him. It was only after Fluff stayed indoors for a whole day that he became cross and frustrated. It took us by surprise. As far as using anything like a hammer [???], I doubt that even you could have done that. I’ve decided that a police dog isn’t to be fooled with when cross. We are keeping Fluff on a chain now, and does she feel persecuted. Walks around outside so dejected.

I got the income [tax] forms, and the only deductions they list are contributions, interest, taxes, medical and dental. Child care. Casualty losses, and misc. Evidently there is another form we would have to get if we wanted to figure everything and not take the flat $600 for each member, and with our size family, I doubt if they are necessary. There is an instruction book available and I will try to get a hold of it. I want to get things done so that when you get home we can get this taken care of.

It will be good to see you on the 10th, a week sooner, and I’m not going to tell the children yet so in case you will be speaking they will not be disappointed. We had rather reconciled ourselves to the 22nd, because I was sure that you would try that, if possible. As I wrote before, I love to see you, but more and more I realize how hard it is for you and it keeps you from producing your best at school.

Sunday morning while we were at the breakfast table, Fluff started barking like she was in a frenzy. I was afraid to look, thinking the dog would be back. How we all laughed when we saw Sandy Bogan’s pet raccoon crawling up the inside of the screen door and looking in the window! By the time we got that taken home, we missed the morning meeting [Lord’s Supper, a communion service] and only got to preaching [second service]. In my own mind I’m not persuaded about the effectiveness of taking all the children by myself to the morning meeting. But I made up my mind to do it, and the first morning you are gone, I missed.

My prayer life has sadly suffered. When I started feeling sick, I started neglecting that, and now I must go back and start where I left off. But that is like writing letters: the longer you put it off, the harder it is to write. But I will pray for Bob.