Pencil marks on the wall

[No date – March 1957]
Dearest John,

Just a note today. I started scrubbing pencil marks off the wall and there’s no stopping place, so I’m up to my neck in a job. Wish I had a ladder for the ceiling.

Nothing new around here – the children enjoyed the wrestling match. Dick was on his back once – scared everyone, but he soon pinned the other one down and is still undefeated. He had several degrees of temp. but still went out.

Mr. Reid was good, and a fairly good crowd out since it was prayer meeting night.

Hesper was over yesterday and told me that both of her girls accepted the Lord – at different times – in my Good News Club last year. I hadn’t known of it but it was gracious of the Lord to let me see or know of some definite results.

All for today — I’m like the kids. Seems so long since I’ve seen you! I love you – so much.



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