My Own Daddy

[date unclear, March xx 1957]


We’ve had lots of greetings from you last night and today. Which was nice, but as David said at breakfast “That’s not like kissing my own Daddy.” Someone suggested he could kiss Dan Ball and have him deliver it to Daddy! Which brought the giggles.

I’m sending these coupons to you and if you want to pay the full amount, do so immediately. Our 60 days are up in a day or so. I haven’t the money here. If you decide against it, please send in the monthly payment, then bring it home and I’ll continue the payments.

Really enjoyed the meeting last night and Mr. Van Ryn this morning. But I nearly wept at the few last night. Only Danvers (sp?) and us with children – no families.

Mr. Petke asked me to ask you about living at the camp all summer. They need someone to stay on the grounds and work, so badly that he has considered quitting his job and doing it. A big house there.

Now we must get to meeting.



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