Edward’s Abdication


Because we loved The King’s Speech, my husband knew
I would enjoy reading the December 10, 1936 edition of the Oregon Journal.


The news of King Edward’s abdication takes up six full pages.

 The “Queen-Apparent” Elizabeth received her share of the focus.
The 10-year-old’s newest accomplishment was climbing trees.

She is beginning to understand the motto
which her mother taught her almost as
soon as she could talk–
duty first, self second.”

I wonder how Kate Middleton’s experience compares to the Queen Mum’s:

Her final love match with Albert and his acceptance
meant the beginning of a period of hard work for her.
Every morning at 6:30 Lady Elizabeth arose and spent
an hour studying private books dealing with the history
of the royal family, reading works on the the constitution
and other matters. At Buckingham palace each day she
was taught all the important angles
of precedent, formality and dress.

Does anyone else like to read vintage books/publications?


Bicycles from $29.99 to $47.50

A new Ford V-8 with decidedly increased gasoline mileage as low as $480!

And United Air Lines can fly you from Portland to Chicago overnight,
to New York in 13 hours, Washington in 17 ½ hours!
5 flights daily!

Home organs were la-de-da!
Do any of you know of a home organ that is being played now?

~     ~     ~

Ever curious, I went online to see what happened to Wallis, Duchess of Windsor.

She is said to have summed up her life in one sentence:
You have no idea how hard it is to live out a great romance.

Pomp Is a Good Word

…and other one-sentence responses to the royal wedding.

Marriage is worth celebrating…with jubilant exuberance.

Joyful solemnity is just right.

Westminster Abbey is a gift to mankind.

I’ve never before seen a more beautiful veil.

I want to get married again so I can come down the aisle to I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me.

If you care about details, The Program is a must.

Happy to note that everybody sings the hymns;
I only spied one young woman who kept her mouth in a tight line.

The Queen was resplendent in her lemon suit; her smiles are (as glorious and as rare as) sunshine.

Pippa is a pippin!!

Did the Archbishop not have time to get a haircut???

Reading Dorothy Sayer’s The Nine Tailors helped me understand campanology, the study of bell ringing, particularly change ringing.

Interesting to study hands in this ceremony; I especially liked the Archbishop’s binding their hands together.

I am always tender toward the father of the bride when he walks her down the aisle.

James Middleton’s reading of Romans 12 is among the best Scripture reading I’ve ever heard.

Who were the women dressed like nuns?

BRAVO John Rutter!!

The hymn re-harmonizations and descants on the last verses give me goosebumps.

I miss my nephew Will, who could tell me the name and title of every VIP.

The organ and the trumpet are instruments well suited for majestic sounds.

I am all for a renaissance in millinery fashion: look at those hats!

The aerial shots, especially which show the cruciform architecture, make my spirit soar.

Blake’s Jerusalem never fails to move me.

Everyone sees what they want: a skeptic sees things skeptically; a believer sees faithfully.

The Ubi Caritas took me back, with happy sighs, to my Latin class. 

I love the phrase: lost in wonder, love and praise.

Horses and carriage trump motored vehicles for first choice for the Queen and Prince…I like that!

God Bless Your Marriage, William and Catherine.