Reading and Lambing in Advent


Wednesday was a glorious day watching twin lambs born. These girls above left the pasture, curious to know who was having a get together and why they weren’t invited to the party. And if there was any food for poor wandering circus performers.

It used to be daunting to be the adult-in-charge (an honorary title) during lambing season. But my Farmer Boy grandson has three seasons under his belt. Here he is checking progress.

While I was watching everything, I was also listening. Gavin patted the ewe, assuring her that she was doing a good job.  Thirteen years old, and a powerful combination of compassion and capability.


The view to the south from the barn door.


The maternity ward. Two more sets of twins were born yesterday.


This is the number 1 assistant. His face lit up when he realized that the lamb born might be his first stock show lamb.

Let’s shift a moment to reading. In the fall of 2016 I started reading the first book of a young adult fantasy,  The Wingfeather Saga. I read a 2-7 chapters aloud once a week. It’s a very interactive time. When some characters listen to troll poetry, pretending to like it, I ask, “Show me pretending to like it.”

Andrew Peterson’s books have engendered meaningful conversations with each episode. This week we read a chapter called The Pain of Remembrance.  Monsters who used to be humans see something that makes them remember what life used to be like. Ouch! It hurts! is their response.

Preston (pictured above) explained: “I think it doesn’t feel like [physical] pain for them. But it hurts in a different way because they can’t go back.”


There’s always onlookers


Ethan (face not shown) warming up one of the barn cats.


Gavin collects the colostrum to give to the newborn before he/she can stand up.


One latched on and one being licked by mom.


The smile of a successful start of lambing season.


Simple Pleasures in February

Brothers (Gavin and Preston) in harmony

Smiles, freely given by Ethan.

Living in a region with many bronzes
(Pendleton Round Up)

The only thing I’ve learned on my new camera is the Macro focus.
I need to lean into the learning curve!

At five months, Levi takes great gulps of life through his eyes.
He is the unblinking baby.
We call this look The Levi

Noah is so much like his Daddy.
I can only chuckle. I should be praying.
Praying for his mama.
The simple pleasure with this kiddo is singing.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Jingle Bells, Doxology, and whatever we make up.
He wakes up singing.

The bamboo forest.
Scope for a boy’s imagination.