Simple Pleasures in February

Brothers (Gavin and Preston) in harmony

Smiles, freely given by Ethan.

Living in a region with many bronzes
(Pendleton Round Up)

The only thing I’ve learned on my new camera is the Macro focus.
I need to lean into the learning curve!

At five months, Levi takes great gulps of life through his eyes.
He is the unblinking baby.
We call this look The Levi

Noah is so much like his Daddy.
I can only chuckle. I should be praying.
Praying for his mama.
The simple pleasure with this kiddo is singing.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Jingle Bells, Doxology, and whatever we make up.
He wakes up singing.

The bamboo forest.
Scope for a boy’s imagination.

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