Revisiting Les Misérables


I’m making a valiant effort to thin out my very thick personal library. Like any parting, there is grief, but I’m choosing instead to grip the joy and gratitude I’ve garnered from my books. When I picked up this 1232 page brick I faced the glacial reality that I would never read all the words again.

The next best thing was to read the bits I’d underlined in neat pencil.


Because I’m a wee bit obsessive about my books, I knew I had to copy those adored sentences into my commonplace book.


Two long road trips, several shorter drives, the odd minutes gleaned here and there… and I’ve added 30 pages to my journal of quotes from Les Misérables. All the joy, people. All the joy/grief/delight/disgust/admiration of this magnum opus comes flooding back.


It was the next best thing to reading every word. And so many quotes!




One thing remains. Giving this book a good home. A place where it can sit on a shelf, get a few loving glances with the whispered promise to read it sometime.


If my penciled copy of Hugo’s masterpiece sounds like something you want (free), leave a comment. In a week I’ll make a decision where it goes and mail/hand it to that person. Otherwise I’ll donate it.


How NOT to Host A Giveaway

 :: Don’t schedule the drawing to take place on your husband’s birthday.
Or on the week three friends die.

:: Don’t use Post It Notes to put names on.  They stick together
and you suddenly have six winners.

:: Don’t offer a book that breaks your heart to send away.
(Hyperbole alert: it’s just the more I handle it…)

:: For those who didn’t win, here are some of the early photos of NYC.
(the one on the left is a drawing) (click for larger pictures)

::  Yay to Hope in Brazil who won 1,000 Places to See Before You Die

:: Hooray for toomanyhats (another Carol in Oregon) who won How the Other Half Lives