Zimbabwe Elections

Polls open in about 15 hours for national elections in Zimbabwe.  Inflation has devastated the country.  Yesterday it took 143 million Zimbabwe dollars to buy one chicken. People are arrested under phony charges.

**Update: voters are contacting the BBC with their experience here.  People were queuing the day before and sleeping in the queue.  Look at the right sidebar for new stories.**

When I watched Hotel Rwanda I remember being stunned that the horror of genocide happened in 1994, a year I remember clearly.  We thought the holocaust could never happen again, and yet another holocaust scorched that country in Africa.  I asked God to make me more aware and he brought my friend, a Zimbabwean national here in America for a conference, to my doorstep. 

We complain about notice the rising cost of gas and groceries here in America, but there are still mounds of food available in our Safeways and Jewels.   I’m not saying it is easy to budget during these inflationary times; but please remember our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe who spend 1-2 hours a day waiting in line for one onion or two cabbages when you think about the price of a gallon of milk. Her words sent this morning:

I am absolutely persuaded, however, that only God in His Heaven can determine
this election, no matter what room He gives us to participate with him in the
politics of the country. So I am casting my vote on my knees, before finding the nearest polling