A Walk to Remember: Fox Hill

I’ve long had an idea for a series of posts
entitled A Walk to Remember.
I’m a moment-hoarder,
a memory-grasper,
knowing how easily they get
plowed under by the thrum of life.

DSC_1036Two things were special about today.
I woke up at 4:25 a.m., a personal best!
For a lifelong night owl,
that’s a victory in itself. {laughter}

DSC_1037To be precise, it’s not unheard of
to wake up with a 4 on the clock.
But to get up and walk out the door?

DSC_1041My co-workers are fitness gurus.
The kind that participate in Warrior Dashes,
look for “Fun” runs (???!!!  #interrobang)
and organize triathlons.

DSC_1043The only “selfie” I took.


DSC_1045Last summer they started walking up Fox Hill
on Sunday mornings.

DSC_1049I couldn’t join them because it conflicted
with my music commitments at church.

DSC_1055They decided to hike up Fox Hill on Friday
this week, so I could join them!

DSC_1056This is a picture of endurance.
I needed it today!

DSC_1061The second special thing? I made it to the top!
Eastern Oregon doesn’t resemble the lush green
images of Oregon that most people imagine.
These high green hills will soon be dun.
But today they are simply splendid!




Ode to Toe

DSC_1693A month ago, I broke my toe.
The one most dinky, my little left pinkie.

It made me *YOWL!* tilt back and howl,
The searing pain refused to wane.

The toe, it grew, turned black and blue,
Those near it blushed like a tattoo.

But hey! today—this sumptuous day—
My husband-coach, who knows my way,
Mapped out ONE mile for my assay.

“And then,” he warned, brooking no scorn,
“Put it on ice.” I did. But, yikes!
This coldness is not paradise.

I’m not inclined to sittin’ and mopin’,
Just glad to take some ibuprofen.
The dried-off toe is elevated,
May healing thus be accelerated.

Thank you for hearing my tale of woe.
I hope you will be quick to know
The main moral, most apropos:
Try never, NEVER, to break your toe.