What Worries Me

11:30 p.m.

My Dearest,

Mother [Dad’s mom, Margaretta Harper] called about 30 minutes ago that she was still coming on, so while I’m waiting for her I’ll get something written to you. Your letter came today and I’m very honored that you took time this busy week to write — and ashamed that I haven’t written.

We have been watching for Mother since Wednesday evening, although she called Tuesday evening and said if the roads were bad she would stop overnight in Detroit. They weren’t bad then, but they are terrible tonight. Danny got up on Thursday morn, mad. “Where’s Grandma?” “Grandma gone already?” After I persuaded him that she was still coming he cheered up a bit. He’s so comical when his dander’s up.

Finally this afternoon I put through a call to Buffalo. They had line trouble and it took a couple of hours before the operator called back to say that Mrs. Harper had left this morning for California. Got the information I wanted anyhow. [We carried this tradition into our marriage. After a trip, we would make a collect call to family, and they would not accept it. It was a free way to let them know we made it home fine.]

Incidentally, our phone bill came today. $20. [With inflation, that would be ~ $180 today]

I’m going to stop and sweep the steps; the snow’s getting deep and it is still snowing.

Wolcotts were out Monday evening. I asked about [for privacy, I’m not including her name.] Her husband’s divorce was not legal so their marriage was annulled and she is expecting soon. She has a job of housework and caring for a little boy now. Her folks are hard up as her Dad is sick in bed for sometime now.

So she is not going to keep the baby, but go home to live, get a job and help her folks out. What worries me is that baby. Is not keeping it the right way out? Am I wrong? It seems to me that she’ll regret that later. I’ve stewed and prayed over it long enough that I’d be willing to take it for her until such a time as she could keep it. But perhaps, living in the same place, she wouldn’t hear of that. With your consent I think I’ll make some inquiries.

Sat p.m.
Mother drove in as I finished these two pages. You know how we talk and work around when Grandma’s here. She was tired and slept awhile after lunch. So did Danny so we could give the record player a rest.

I went in town this a.m. and bought enough dishes to make a set of ten. Had to take turquoise and yellow as I didn’t like the tangerine, etc. Your phone came: how good it was to hear you. As I said, I got Jimmy p.j.’s, overshoes, a shirt and mittens — all 1/3 off. I was so glad to get these things and so was he.

Mother has to leave early in the morning and it is late now, so I’m going to send this with her and start over on Monday.

Love from us all, me especially,