Well Come

DSC_3218I’m in the process of moving my blog, Magistra Mater, from Xanga to WordPress. I devour words, so I’m tickled that the word ‘word’ made it into the name of the platform. My Xanga posts from  2005 – 2013 have migrated. Glory! It’s such a relief to be able to revisit that season of my life.

Hey! I can change my blog name to something with a nicer mouth feel. A Living Pencil.

Mother Theresa is reported to have said, “I am a living pencil in the hand of a living God who is sending a love letter to the world.”

There is much to learn. That’s good: I’m always touting the joys of lifetime learning.

And a growing excitement is incubating about writing more regularly.

Well, come along with me! Welcome!