A Story in Four Pictures


1. January 9, 2010
Jeff spends an afternoon with our college friends
Norm and Michelle in Budapest.
We’ve not seen Norm and Michelle since 1976;
 however we managed to stay in touch all these years.
J, N & M are all missionaries in Diósd, Hungary.
We met Jeff in February 2009 when he preached at our church.

2. February 23, 2010
Jeff is in our home in Oregon.
He brought us hugs and Hungarian paprika from Norm and Michelle.
(Thanks, Michelle! I can’t wait to make Chicken Paprika!!)

3.  Our Katie is the reason Jeff is in Oregon/Idaho now.
She is a precious jewel.
Katie is an honorary member of our family.

4.  It’s Facebook official: they are in a relationship
Katie’s Dad gave his blessing.
We are giddy! (times twelve!)
As Curt puts it, we are gurgling joyfully.
And, according to FB comments, so is the rest of the world!

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow…