That’s a Wrap

I finally organized the spare room closet. Yikes! For shelving, I put a small bookcase the same width of the closet at one end, perpendicular to closet door. This photo was taken facing the open closet and looking left.

I am ready, apparently, to wrap a present of any size, any shape, any color, or any dimension at any time.

Resting on top of the bookcase is a lifetime supply of tissue wrap (not visible in photo). Congregating on the top shelf are raffia, twine, jute?, tulle, wire-edged ribbon, and thirteen colors of crimped curling ribbon. Ah, how jubilant I was sometime in the 1980s when I snagged all the curling ribbon at a going-out-of-business sale! Does anyone recall a gadget that you ran the ribbon through to not only curl the ribbon but divide it into tiny strands? The result matched an 80’s perm.

In one basket I have bows, in the other plugs of ribbon remnants. My reputation for gathering up silk ribbon at the end of Christmas to re-roll and re-use is as eye-rolling as an exasperated teen. What can I say? My parents both lived through The Depression.

Gift bags are stuffed into the space to the right. On the floor is a jumbo roll of black chalkboard paper and a tall box of assorted rolls of wrapping paper.

And my favorite gift to give? A gift card to recipient’s favorite store!