Fine Art Friday – Sir George Clausen

The Girl at the Gate, 1889

Head of a Young Girl, 1884

Gathering Potatoes, 1887

Aren’t these magnificent?
Sir. George. Clausen. 
My new favorite artist.

Here’s some wonderful synthesis:
I’ve been listening to Barbara Tuchman’s
The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914   
(Tuchman is my new favorite historian…close your ears David McCullough!).
How lovely to focus on art made in the same time frame.

Come back next Friday.
There are many more treats waiting.



8 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday – Sir George Clausen

  1. I am noticing that our tastes in art are very similar. I really love paintings of people’s faces. Their expressions say so much, don’t they? How did you find this artist?

  2. @LimboLady – In a book!  When I was cleaning bookshelves, I stopped and looked through one of the books and found a lovely pencil sketching called Peasant Girls Praying.  I can’t find that sketch on the web, but I’ve found many other gems.

  3.  “Gathering Potatoes” gives me an itch to get my fingers in the dirt. It’s still only 26 degrees here.  Oh, I do love these!  I’m so glad you introduced this artist to me. Lovely.

  4. Clausen’s subjects (models) haunt me…. their piercing eyes, contemplative expressions, and farming labors  make me wonder about their lives.  *Peasant* is a European term which doesnt necessarily apply Stateside, although I’m sure we had women performing these same chores during the last decade of the 19th century.What is he trying to tell us?

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