This fun list is taken from a list found in A Passion for Books : A Book Lover’s Treasury of Stories, Essays, Humor, Love and Lists on Collecting, Reading, Borrowing, Lending, Caring for, and Appreciating Books.  This book is warmer than a down comforter, cuddlier than a teddy bear, more fun than a trampoline, and meets all the daily minimum requirements for your vitamins. 


Bibliobibule          One who reads too much
Biblioclast            One who tears pages from or otherwise destroys books
Bibliographe         One who describes books
Biblioklept            One who steals books
Bibliomane           One who accumulates books indiscriminately
Bibliomaniac         A book lover gone mad
Bibliophage           One who eats or devours books
Bibilophile             One who loves books
Bibliophobe           One who fears books
Bibliopole              One who sells books
Biblioriptos            One who throws books around
Bibliosopher          One who gains wisdom from books
Bibliotaphe            One who buries or hides books



9 thoughts on “Bibliolexicon

  1. About 25 years ago, I heard Pat Robertson and his co-host talking on the 700 Club about how biased the media was against Christians.  They used the example of a news story about the death of a bibliophile.  They were shocked that the man was labeled by his Bible reading 🙂 I was shocked that Pat didn’t know what a bibliophile was. I plead guilty to all the biblios. Perhaps we will have book for dinner.

  2. My mom and I have been thinking about going to see “The Reader.”  She lives 5 hours away so we really aren’t, but it sounds like a great movie.  Most likely we would be disappointed, it can’t be as good as it sounds.  

  3. So I notice you aren’t telling us which of these things YOU are, my friend!!!And about the movie, The Reader, I don’t recommend it. I went because I was interested in the theme of the Nazi trials, but the first half of the movie is about this woman who teaches/sleeps with a young boy of 15. A lot of unnecessary nudity, too. Just IMHO.

  4. @LimboLady – Thanks for the info.  I had no idea at all what the movie was about, but the title itself sounded great.  In actuality a movie about someone reading would most likely be boring, as in you might as well be reading yourself…

  5. Awesome list! Most familiar with ‘bibilophile’, I believe. Too bad that ‘biblio-‘ has a Biblical association to some… although it seems to have the same Greek root.

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