The Invisible Heart, An Economic Romance


“In popular culture, business is always portrayed
as monstrous because that’s what sells.  People like
feeling victimized so that they can hate their oppressor.
But monsters don’t often succeed in business.
The sweeter competitor offering good service
and low prices is a better bet.
There’s an invisible heart at the core of the marketplace,
serving the customer and doing it joyously.”

“After all,” continued Sam,
“under capitalism, man oppresses man.
But under socialism,”-here Sam paused-
“it’s the other way around.”

In The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance romance takes back seat while economics drives.  Laura Silver, an English Literature teacher is in turn intrigued, repelled, astonished, and ultimately wooed by Sam Gordon, a free-market libertarian who teaches at the same school. 

George Will calls this book “Delightfully didactic.”   It is 100% didactic (instructive) but is clearly delightful.  If economics has intimidated you, this is a book to read.  The book was fun, engaging and winsome.   

“Welcome to the wonderful world of economics.
Everything precious in life has a cost.”

4 thoughts on “The Invisible Heart, An Economic Romance

  1. This does sound good.  I need to find a someone with a birthday and give it to him/her.  That way I can look through it first 🙂  I bought Thomas Woods’ new book, Meltdown, for my nephew, who wishes the government would *just fix everything*.  Maybe I’ll send him the YouTube link I just watched – Milton Friedman explaining capitalism to Phi Donahue!Happy Monday (aka Doctors’ Day) 

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