A Series of Thresholds


What is life but a series of thresholds?
Your last days of childhood,
and then your last days of high school,
your last days of university,
your last days as a single person,
your last days as married people without a kid,
and your last day before your kid goes to preschool.
The rest of my life is going to be that very complex and bitter exchange
where I’m leaving something sweet and wonderful behind
in the understanding that I need to take on something ahead of me.

— Jonathan Auxier, YA author, quoted in World magazine


4 thoughts on “A Series of Thresholds

  1. This excites me for my children and grandchildren. Right now my threshold is so…odd. I feel as though I’m dancing in the doorway, looking back into the past, cramming as many loved ones as I can on my threshold with me right now, and not having any idea what lies ahead. Being 62 is just…odd.

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