A Walk to Remember: 12th Street

Bonnie and I walk together in the morning. Walk and talk. And soak in the lavender joy.
We encounter deer close up every day
Rock walls, the work involved, and artistry: a wonder
Looking up
Our small town university nestled in the valley
A profusion of Queen Anne’s Lace
Emily! (Mt. Emily)
X-raying a sunrise through a house
No filter! Just glory!

3 thoughts on “A Walk to Remember: 12th Street

  1. Bee-oot-iful. What a walk you’ve shared! Certainly photo worthy. Didn’t realise you too have man made rock walls in USA. Deer are considered feral here in Tasmania, but they’re graceful to look at. We enjoy spotting a wombat, potoroos (smallish kangaroos), or echidnas on our walks. Our local mountain is Roland, which is snow capped this morning. Sunrise illuminating window of house WOW.

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