From Sea to Shining Sea

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Within five weeks I went from an island in the Pacific Ocean to an island in the Atlantic Ocean! First my husband and I celebrated our 40th anniversary with a trip to Victoria, British Columbia.

Back in the spring, our next-door neighbors invited us over for supper. While talking, we realized that both couples got married in 1978. Our friend grinned, declared he was taking his wife to Italy for their 40th, and pressed his point: how were we planning to celebrate ours? Well, my lovely husband stalled, we were thinking about Canada. It was all I could do not to swivel and stare. Oh, Canada! Yessss!

It turned out we arrived on Canada Day. Thousands of folk in the streets. A giant block party. Vendors, musicians, artists, mimes, bands, orators, food, dancing, throngs. A sea of people ebbed and flowed. We enjoyed the celebration, Butchart Gardens, museums, monuments, and cathedrals. And just being together in a romantic place.

Monhegan Harbor
In August, my sister Dorothy and I traveled to Maine to visit our brother and sister (in-law). We were eager to visit Jim and Kathie’s favorite spot, an island ten miles off the coast. Monhegan. We enjoyed the quiet punctuated by seagulls’ laughter; gardens, galleries, a museum, shops, and the little community church. And just sharing sibling time in a transcendent space.

Sea to shining sea. That reminds me of what my brother Dan says about pitching congregational songs too high to sing. C to shining C!


4 thoughts on “From Sea to Shining Sea

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! My husband and I also went to an island — Maui — for our 40th! And some time before that, we took a trip with our youngest to BC and Victoria and camping on Vancouver Island. I think you are right, that Victoria is romantic, at all levels!

    Doesn’t it seem a little unreal, that we can be so quickly on opposite sides of a continent, or the world? I don’t suppose our human biorhythms and earthiness will ever stop sending confused messages to the brain when we fly from one place and time to another.

    • Thank you, Gretchen. It *is* unreal. I promised myself in my twenties that I would never be ho-hum about jet travel.

      Also that we can use technology to see people across the world is crazy! When we were in Maine, we Skyped with my niece in Turkey. Last week, I Skyped with a young friend in China. Crazy. Unreal!

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