Thyme in a Bottle


I harvested and dried thyme from my herb garden. This morning I painstakingly picked the leaves off the branches while I caught up on a few of my favorite podcasts. What you see represents two to three hands-on hours. Yep.

Curt (my husband) raised an eyebrow when the slow speed of the progress registered in his brain. Really, Babe? was what his face said. “You have NO IDEA of the preciousness of thyme,” was my curt reply. πŸ™‚ I don’t see it as a waste of time to work on thyme.Β 

This is year 2 of the thyme revolution. It’s a life-changer! If you have a shred of belief in aromatherapy, you might comprehend the fund of joy I receive when I unscrew this lid and smell my dried thyme. Especially in February. Because I am a show-and-tell girl down to my DNA, I have been known to make visitors take a whiff.

“That spice cabinet is amazing!” they say.
“Thank you,” I politely say. “Smell my thyme.”



11 thoughts on “Thyme in a Bottle

  1. Oh. my. Your spice cabinet is truly a wonder. Did you make the labels yourself, too? I have used a lot of the rosemary that I grow, because it’s always available fresh out there in the garden, but if I had to depend on any of my herbs being dried… it wouldn’t happen. Although, come to think of it, picking leaves is something even I could probably do without getting distracted from Alexander Hamilton on audio, or a podcast, not true of knitting or even cleaning the kitchen!

    • Thank you, Gretchen Joanna. My husband heard me murmur (sounds better than complaining, right?) about my spice storage dilemma and offered to build one. I found the jars and he built it custom for them. I got chalk labels and a white pen and went to town.

      Rosemary is in the dryer as we speak. Our climate is too cold for year-round rosemary. Tell me some of your favorite ways to use it. I adore rosemary + potato and rosemary bread, but I’m eating low carb these days so I need to find other ways to consume it. I do like a sprig of it in my water.

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