Found in the Laundry Room

Our cousin’s laundry room sports this sign.
Did her husband make it?
This looks like something her father might have made.
 It makes me smile.

Emily at “Not so idle hands” blog is giving away a sign she makes.
Crafters, you’d love this blog.
You can enter to win a sign by clicking on Emily’s name.

I love looking at this Degas when I’m scooping
up wet clothes from the washer.
Who knew ironing could look so romantic?
All it takes is watercolor!

Folk art from my sister-in-law.

The background picture at Nettie’s blog.
I love pictures of woman hanging the wash.

What’s in your laundry room/nook/space (beside stinky socks)?


13 thoughts on “Found in the Laundry Room

  1. Having grown up in many houses all over this country and the one north of us, in every one of which the laundry room was basically a dungeon in the basement, I have been delighted with the modern trend of placing laundry rooms on main floors or even upstairs near the bedrooms, and further delighted with the possibility of actually decorating such a room so that it is a pleasure to spend time there.  In my one-level house, the laundry room is obviously on the main floor, but it is just a long corridor of storage cupboards with machines at the end.  I asked my husband to rennovate the floor-to-ceiling cupboards facing the machines so that I would have a counter, which he did, so I have some wall space I could potentially use for prettifying the room… these little pics have given me some ideas and inspiration to at least TRY!  

  2. I love that Degas….. saw lots of his stuff at the Met last week.Nothing adorns my laundry room walls but laundry, both dirty waiting to be washed and clean (hanging to dry).  In fact, the only place I have plaques are in the guest bath: two which DD#4 gave for Christmas one year – HOPE and WISDOM with Scripture.DH encouraged me by painting our laundry room and customizing the shelves… not quite as crisp-looking today, but organized nevertheless.

  3. That “drop your pants here” is a line that my mother suggested when we began looking for quotes for Madelaine to calligraphy on the wall.  We’re hoping for a Quotidian Mysteries quote, but we haven’t found one yet.A friend has a sign over her kitchen sink:  I love a man with dishpan hands.  Amen!DI

  4. I have cobwebs hanging in my laundry room.  :)I am grateful, though.  My laundry is in our basement which is not scary at all.  For how old this house is, you’d expect a wet, creepy basement.  It’s dry and relatively bright and full of strawberry jam and paint cans.  And a few centipedes trying to make a living.

  5. An old sign, “Laundry, same day service 25c”. It is for a joke.A couple months ago I was so proud of myself because I had the laundry gathered, washed, dried, folded and put away  the same day. Finally, I’m succeeding as a homemaker after all these years.  And then, I realized, of course!! I was down to only four people in the house!!!  

  6. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment, so the signs are pretty drab. Does the sign over my kitchen sink count? “This home is a refuge for the Domestically Challenged.” I bought it in a cute little shop in East Oregon, I believe 

  7. Oh…laundry is one of my favorite things to do…as well as ironing.  I think it has something to do with it was something I saw my mother doing so much!  From April to October, I hang out about 90% of my laundry, loving the process, the smell and the “green-ness” of it.  Ironing is usually going on if the TV is on.  There is something spiritual about doing laundry…cleansing, renewing, becoming “white as snow.”  Thanks for sharing!  Sharon

  8. I also love the Degas.My washroom is a busy place.  I have an old washboard, an old white and black trimmed enamel basin, I have the same sign as Bonnie (!!!), another sign that says “Hands to Work, Hearts to God”  I have old pictures the kids did when they were little that I couldn’t part with. I have about four English Tea Towels (you know the kind that shows the sites from various parts of the country) tacked onto the wall. I have apple curtains on the little window. I “hang” our clothes out in the guest room on racks since it rains alot or is too humid to hang them outside. (My dryer hasn’t worked in years) We have a fan in there that does double duty, drying the clothes and circulating the air in that part of the house. I can only dream of long clothes-lines on a country hillside with lavendar bushes nearby to scent the sheets with.

  9. Our laundry room is a closet in the kitchen with stacked machines–little space used to its fullness! No cute little signs, but you can grab a snack from the fridge right next to it. This post made me think of a hundred years or so ago when i was a child, and our VBS project was making a laundry sprinkler out of a ketchup bottle for our moms! Wow, those were the days of ironing EVERYthing, and i loved sprinkling the laundry after it was dry so it would be ready to iron. Frankly, i’m glad that’s no longer part of the process…i barely use my iron!

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