Fine Art Friday – Watercolor!

A Moment Spurred,  Ann Yoder

My goal as an artist is to create paintings
that share a ‘voice’ that your heart hears.
~  Ann Yoder

People!  I have a real treat for you.

My friend, Ann Yoder.

Our kids were in play group together.

Whenever we meet randomly in town,
it is talk, talk, talk…

Please don’t skip this link, she does excellent work.


The stories behind the paintings are like
the “Vivid” setting on a camera.

Inspiration Behind the Art

Your day *will* be better because of her art.


5 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday – Watercolor!

  1. Nice!!    A little stylized…. reminds me of Marchand?, the one Seasonal Soudings highlighted a while back.I particularly like the *Poet’s Peach* and *Sunny Side Up* (daisies).Happy FAF!!

  2. Wow! She gets an amazing amount of texture in her watercolors–i’m especially fascinated by the hanging ribbons and by the candle and hands, and the layered leaves where she plays with light– i like her sense of the fun and unexpected.

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