The Book

arrived this afternoon!

ESV Literary Study Bible

For $10 more, and many week’s wait I got the leatherish edition.

I’ve got some catching up to do!


7 thoughts on “The Book

  1. I was wondering which edition you were awaiting.  I do own an ESV, but my *study* Bibles are NAS and New Geneva.  My favorite is a KJV with the proper names accented for pronunciation.  On the shelf are NIVs, RSVs, and an over-sized *family* Bible, and one Heilege Schrift.Cant have too many Bibles.

  2. You will LOVE all the notes! I could teach the literary devices using the Psalms LIterary ESV. Plus, I love the font and spacing in the Literary ESV. Good on the old eyes!Janie

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