Moment of Mystery

This was my view of communion from the piano this morning. 
The light, the bread, the words…
After church was over, I asked my friend and elder Rahn if he would let me recreate the moment.

And this a verse from one of my favorite ancient hymns – another one I’m eager to have sung at my funeral.

This is Thy temple, here Thy presence holy;
Here may Thy servants at the mystic banquet,
Humbly adoring, take Thy body broken,
Drink of Thy chalice.


5 thoughts on “Moment of Mystery

  1. So moving — I had not heard this hymn before and the photo reflects a peacefulness — and hope in the sustenance and redemption and — well, it reminds me of I Kings 19:7 when Elijah needs physical and spiritual provision – “the angel of the LORD came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee.”

  2. on a side note, I would appreciate your insight into Gylberd’s Advent poem posted at Kingsmeadow Blogger…. somehow the phrase *cords of the whip of Advent* leave me a little shaken.

  3. It was an especially good fellowship yesterday.  Really Carol, your funeral is going to last DAYS in order to get all the songs sung!! If we skip the eulogy, maybe it will bring it down to a mere 24 hours. 

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