My Husband’s Promise

My husband has promised me…
that if I walk up this hill every day
I will lose weight.
The most interesting section arrives
when the road veers left at the top of the hill.
Outside city limits.

Our valley is shaped in a circle with mountains surrounding it.

Our town is smack dab on the Oregon Trail.
In some places you can still see the ruts from the wagons.

Boxes of rocks show up on every fence line.
Rocky soil. Blech.

Chains (for tires) stored until winter ice arrives.

Our local (micro) university.
No out-of-state tuition attracts foreign students.

Horses happily nibble in the gathering gloom.

Can you see the Golden Arches?
I remember the year McDonalds opened here.


10 thoughts on “My Husband’s Promise

  1. Nice pictures! I did see the golden arches. It was almost a pilgrimage for my kids, a trip to La Grande included a mandatory stop there. Not so much for the food (bleh) but the carousel and the talking tree. I like the shot of EOU as well, do you know the history of the name Dorian? (For those who are scratching their heads. . . the big dorm hall you can see in front is Dorian Hall.)

  2. how neat! i really like the part about being along the oregon trail! have they ever found remnants of folks walking the trail? like items hidden or buried along the trail that would have belonged to the new settlers traveling west?good photos!julie

  3. Did your DH happen to mention anything ab/ your food choices along with this walk? I would be surprised if he didn’t. I say this because I joined a gym at one point and exercised hard, faithfully, for 6 mos. but didn’t lose any weight–because of my food choices. Unfortunately they go hand-in-hand. Hmm…what’s the fat content on a bear burger, anyway? 

  4. This feels like “name that town” to me….being a fellow Oregonian and all…I won’t put my guess in case you don’t want it out on the web though…Pretty sure I’ve spent a few nights in your beautiful little town though….Would LOVE to have a walk that to take every day….In our part of Oregon today it’s rainy, windy and dark…I didn’t venture out for my walk.

  5. @toomanyhats – It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a small town with a small university in Eastern Oregon!  But!  You are welcome to stop in next time you drive through.  It wouldn’t be the first time a blog sistah has come by.  We have a guest room!  At the moment it is 61° out!  Freaky!  I’ll take it though.  I always end up at the battery charging metaphor when I walk.  I want to soak in all the Vitamin D and fresh air while I can.

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