Yo-Yo and Alfonso

This is for Alfonso, a reader from Spain.
Your recommendations have always been welcome.
I think of the DVD Dear Frankie.  Excellent.

It was an oversight on my part that I didn’t read the play Journey’s End.
I checked out The Best Plays of 1928-1929
from our library last night. As you can see,
the book has spent a long time on the shelf waiting for me.

It was a worthy read.
It made me think.
How war profoundly changes people.

When Raleigh reproaches Stanhope for eating dinner after their friend has been killed, Stanhope erupts, “You think I don’t care–you think you’re the only soul that cares!”  That took me straight back to the scene in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility where Marianne confronts Elinor for her stoic posture, when we all know that Elinor’s heart has been breaking.

So thank you, Alfonso, for pressing the point when I didn’t mention this play.

~   ~   ~

I am dancing-up-and-down excited!
Curt’s folks are shopping today;
they are bringing Yo-Yo’s new CD home for me.

There are lots of videos related to Songs of Joy & Peace on YouTube.

“To me, everything is about the relationship.
Music is so intimate that, in a way,
it has to get to the heart.
So if you’re [fellow musicians] friends
you just know more ways of getting to the heart.”


5 thoughts on “Yo-Yo and Alfonso

  1. It’s interesting how different people comment on others’ outward appearance (i.e. stoicism) and make judgments of them without ever knowing the real person inside. Conversely, some people can hide their innermost feelings for so many reasons, one being that they’ve been hurt by being honest and straightforward with others. And some pain takes a long, long time to work itself from the inside out. God’s Word tells us not to judge, but we sometimes do it on an almost daily basis. This was a good reminder. Thank you.

  2. What a great vid — he is one of my all time favorite people in the music world.  I can think of three people right away who will be getting one of those cd’s for Christmas!  Thanks for sharing it – I’m going away smiling…

  3. Dear Carol,Even if I have to share the glory with Yo-yo Ma as it is the case, to be the main character or one of your posts is to get my five minutes of glory. Look!, It’s me, mom! This is me.But to discover that you enjoyed my suggestions, that’s simply overwhelming.I really love “Journey’s end” but I must confess that the way in what Stanhope treats Raleigh when the latter missed the supper, was excesive for me. What I enjoy the most in this play is how characters pull strings in others when they chat almost unawarely. Small things like the sorrow we can imagine in Osborne when his children compel him to play soldiers while he is on leave. Or how the Colonel in some way hits a nail in Stanhope’s heart saying “Splendid!” after the raid.Tender, meaningful feelings.  

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