Wedding Flowers

Jessie, my son’s wonderful wife, is a blessing.
She can design flowers for a budget or a blow-out.
(One wedding had 15 dozen roses – that kind of blow-out!)
These centerpieces for a glorious wedding reception Saturday
are stunning, simple, and practically free.
All the color, excepting the greenery, came from Jessie’s yard.
Because the reception hall was so tall she wanted tall flowers.    .
The vases were left over from Carson’s wedding.
I’ve seen her take the stuff that grows in yards
and make dazzling arrangements.  In every season.
Jessie is a blessing.



9 thoughts on “Wedding Flowers

  1. Amazing arrangements! And being that high with a slender vase they would not interfere with the diners’ vision. Lovely!I would have loved to have you there Saturday night. It was a lovely evening and I was especially blessed to have both Kathy and Jenny there. As I said in my post, I was absolutely amazed that not one of the others has a blog, because most of them have computers and use the Internet.

  2. Lovely! It’s amazing what talents we all have isn’t it? Those that I ‘lack’ another will have, and it’s amazing to me what they can do! Stuff I’d toss on the compost pile is beauty and drama in another person’s hands.

  3. How I wish I could have been there!  I heard Miss Jam-  I mean, MRS. JOHN  🙂   was beautiful, and that it was a wonderful wedding all around.  *Sigh of joy*

  4. @Btolly – Wow.  I started crying tears of joy on Tuesday and I’ve been soggy ever since.  Even today, I still couldn’t tell Curt’s mom about the giving of the bride without tears.  Such a precious bride who has given herself to so many families, been such a servant, and waited for the Lord.  I think these older brides and grooms get me the worse.  I see the goodness of God manifested in the whole kaboodle.  And she glowed…just GLOWED.I was so very grieved that you couldn’t be there.  You’ve been such a good friend.  In heaven we’ll never get colds….    

  5. October (Fall) weddings have the most glorious colors! and I just love the height on those arrangements.  I’ll bet it *lifted* the room.  Sounds like it was particularly special.

  6. Beautiful!  I am so envious of those who have the artistic, creative gift.  I may try to gather some of the beautiful colorful leaves from my yard today and see what I can do, imitating Jessie’s art.  (I can copy, I just can’t create!)Are those the tablecloths you ironed at your ironing party? That makes ironing, my most dreaded chore, sound like fun.Blessings,Sandy

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