Of Boys and Deer Droppings

A treasure to a little boy,
does not consist of money, gems, or jewelery.
He will find far greater pleasure
in the wonder of a rock,
pebble, stick or beetle.
~ unknown author

Yesterday, along with the busyness that defines the day before a big wedding, I needed to deliver newspapers for my son’s route. And I was on Nana duty.  And it began to rain.  And I was crunched for time. We trudged, I encouraged, and I remembered what all you moms know:  a little boy can find distractions anywhere.  The pavement.  The grass.  The sky.  Deer scat.  Fallen leaves.  Blowing leaves. Mail slots in doors. 

My voice became yipping — a yipping, yelping, barking dog.  Come On!  Let’s Go!  This Way!  I actually heard myself! (sound like a dog) And the dog metaphor reminded me of that Gary Larson cartoon comparing what we say to dogs and what they hear. “blah, blah, blah, Ginger, blah, blah, blah.” 

Oh!  I realized that, really, what Gavin was hearing was my tone.  And my tone was tincture of fretful mixed with essence of impatience.  Further, he was tired.  What was required was a recalibration of my attitude.  Slow down. Change the pace.  Enjoy being together.  Stop and smell the deer droppings.


3 thoughts on “Of Boys and Deer Droppings

  1. You might be surprised how much he actually heard, but I agree that tone of voice does help a young boy’s motivation. Just try going trick-or-treating with him and getting him to say “thank you” and take off his mask ten times to show people who he really is….sigh….(tired from last night) 

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