How To Fold a T-Shirt

Okay, this is ancient in terms of Internet lifespans, but I just found it when I was sweeping the corners of My Documents.  Just in case you missed it the first time around!

English versions now abound but this is the one I first saw, and the Japanese (or is it Chinese?  ack!) adds to the charm.  Our family all had to master this when we first viewed this video.


8 thoughts on “How To Fold a T-Shirt

  1. Omg she made that TOOOOO easy! I will reference this video later on this week when I fold my clothes. In fact, Ima save it. Thanks for posting! Lol, you made your family learn it. How cute.She’s Japanese. Their characters (letters) have more strokes than the Chinese. Plus, they speak faster.

  2. C’mon, now, are you telling me that ANY of your family got it to work?? I remember watching this over and over and STILL not getting it!!!P.S. I went to 3 thrift stores w/ my mom today and books were 30% off at one of them! Are you drooling?

  3. Oh, this method looks so supercool!!  I hope we can learn it!Did you notice she demonstrates whilst kneeling?  An Westerner would’ve done it whilst standing behind a table.  Interesting insight into the Japanese mind…

  4. That is obviously magic!!! Plus i know why i would do it standing behind a table–i’m rather less “petite” than the Japanese lady, and i would look much less comfortable doing that. Now i have to go unfold a t-shirt just so i can refold it.

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