Every Leaf A Flower

Autumn is a second spring
where every leaf is a flower.

~ Albert Camus


3 thoughts on “Every Leaf A Flower

  1. I love that Camus quote – it is one I had not seen before and it is so true. Re your comment on my post: thanks for understanding what this change in my life means. But I do enjoy being able to worship without responsibility – that will be a real blessing. As for Spanish Rice, your request gave me the idea for a post. Spanish Rice in my family has a history, at least for one of my sons. Not the one who was here last weekend, the other one.

  2. Love the light on the yellow…very artistic compostion.Last month I photographed a small yellow section of a still-green tree in our backyard, thinking how unusual it was for that part to have begun to change so far ahead of the rest of the tree.But I couldnt make it look good.  So, it is destined for File 13.

  3. i SO agree! Every year i end up photographing pictures of our poplar in autumn and of random leaves that land on my car in parking lots… i’m so amazed by leaves as they change and fall. i felt the same way about the little helicopter seeds that fell from the maple trees at the park near my childhood home and would collect bags of them to squirrel away in my kid-size rolltop desk.

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