It’s A Corker




(kôrkər)   n.

  1. One that corks bottles, for example.
  2. Slang. A remarkable or astounding person or thing.

~     ~     ~

For my birthday, my friend Katie and
my brother Danny (with sweet Valeri)
collaborated on a project.
Dan and Val cheerfully drank wine and saved corks.
Katie took saved corks and made a cork board.

All our years together, Curt and I have had a picture board in our kitchen.
Packed full of photos.

Now we have a cork board.

My favorite section below, because…
Dan calls his wife is la Bella.
I love la Bella
If you knew her, you would too.

I have instituted a new plan.
I found when the board is stuffed to the gunnels with pictures
we ended up not seeing anything.
Just like the front of your fridge, right?

So I plan to put a very few pictures up,
change them regularly,
and use the pictures as a reminder to pray
for our friends, especially when we give thanks for dinner.

Isn’t that just about the funnest gift idea?
Thanks KGB, dharperino, and la Bella.

Addendum:  Check comments for dear Katie’s instructions



16 thoughts on “It’s A Corker

  1. @kyriosity – hot glue gun, Valerie.  There is a piece of thin plywood on the back of the frame.  And yes, it is an oak frame.  I have a friend who frequents yard sales for pictures, just to get the frames!   An old window frame would also work.    

  2. Such a neat idea! I shall have to ask friends and family to save corks for me. Funny thing is, I have not been throwing corks away but obviously it would take far too long if I am depending on just what I get.As for Sloppy Joe sauce, I never buy the stuff so I don’t know where it might be found. The reason we used it was that Bonnie didn’t have any plain tomato sauce. After dumping that in and tasting the result we decided that it was a wonderful “mistake.” I’m not sure though if that amount would feed 20-25 people as I have no idea how many servings we ended up with. The guys all pigged out that night, and a lot more went into Dave’s lunch boxes.

  3. Wow! What a fun idea and such a great way to remember not only nice moments sharing a fine drink with friends and family but to remember those we need to pray for. Thank you for sharing! (I may now have to stop going through the DH’s junk drawer and tossing his stash of saved corks! They do pile up! I wonder what creative thing I can find to do with dead batteries and old foam ear plugs. . . )

  4. Comments requested as to how to do the above-mentioned.  Feel free to email me if you want more info…Save ’em until you have enough for *your size* (I’ve made them 12×8 inches up to 3×4 feet ….recycled frames of various sizes/shapes and I have a daddy who makes killer barnwood frames).  Arrange as you like … there are a bunch of different ways …. showing off different angles from the corks.  A friend is saving to put them in a board vertically – with the ROUND wine-reddened side facing up!  The sky is the limit.  I’m working on one in an old window frame – from all the corks of a friend’s wedding reception … which I stole from the tables!!!* I have a few restaurants and families that save corks for me … I’d never have enough otherwise!!!!* wood glue and a bit of time if they are REAL corks.  Use a SHARP knife/cutting board to trim any down to fill in gaps since corks aren’t all the same size* hot glue and a bit of time if they are the synthetic corks that are popping our more and more (I have over a gallon of these ready for a board sometime … but they just aren’t the same!!!!)* sorry, the twist on type won’t work at all 🙂

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