Jim and Kathie (my brother and his wife) are full of fascinating interests.
Jim casually asked me this morning if I wanted to see inside a beehive.
And, cough cough, he wasn’t talking about Sarah Palin’s hair.

Since I had already enrolled in the Gutsy-for-Wimps 101
when I went sailing yesterday
(I sailed once years ago and got caught in a squall),
I thought I continue the course
by letting bees crawl all over my face net.
I didn’t get stung once!
Honey bees, after all, are our friends.



5 thoughts on “Sweet!

  1. My top three uses for honey are 1) drizzled over homemade w.w. biscuits; 2) stirred into a hot toddy; and 3) cooked with cranberries for a naturally sweetened sauce.What are yours?

  2. Did you get to eat it right like that off the honeycomb? I’ve always wondered if it would be that much better. But that’s right, you got your stash a few weeks ago at home, didn’t you?   So are the beehives your brother’s, or a friend’s? Is that him in the 1st photo?

  3. @hiddenart – I use it in my daily bread.  My husband likes it on toast.@LimboLady – We ate some from the comb.  It is like chewing gum, sort of.  The hives are my brothers and that is him in the first photo.@sonskyn – for not being a native English speaker, you are sure funny.  Sweat!  That cracks me up!  Welcome back, Sonya.

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