Random News

I’m back in Seattle, enjoying time with my kids here.  Eating Indian food, going to bookstores (and I can buy books, since the trip home is in my car), talking and talking more.

Ahhhhh.  Life is beautiful. 

Lots of firsts lately:  my first cab ride (!), my first trip to IKEA in about ten minutes. 

Thoughts are swirling…and I’m eager to write again.



12 thoughts on “Random News

  1. Isn’t IKEA just the funnest place? I’m wondering what you bought there???My 1st cab ride was when my car broke down at Kaiser and I had all 4 small children (one was newborn) and my sister in one cab…and I sat next to the driver, who had alcohol on his breath! Oh, it was awful. But I’ve had quite a few good rides in cabs, mostly in Las Vegas

  2. IKEA! Wonderful. My granddaughter is in charge of some aspect of the fresh plants – I”m not sure exactly – maybe a buyer. My first trip to an IKEA was a year ago last summer in Salt Lake City.Much fun! And one of my daughters and I went to the one in Orlando this past year. I wish there was one closer but no way. I think they are going open one in Tampa which is a lot better than Orlando for us.Carol I know what you mean about buying books.There is a wonderful bookstore in Salt Lake City that my son takes me to when I visit them. I have to box up the books I buy and ship them back. No way would they go in the luggage!

  3. Oh, IKEA!  I’m jealous.  Did you eat the Swedish meatballs?  (Notice my interests in places always go to the food?)  I hadn’t eaten at IKEA in my first few two visits, but did in New York in August.  The food was surprisingly good and a wonderful taste of Sweden at very reasonable (especially for New York) prices.I cannot remember my first taxi ride.  Probably, it was when I was traveling a lot from St. Louis and would occasionally call a taxi to the airport, which was cheaper than paying for parking for the week.  My first CITY taxi experience was in San Francisco in 1985.  What a wild ride.Can’t wait to hear all about the trip when you return.

  4. @oOBuBBLes711Oo – Yes, rained most of the day, with a cold snap twisted in.  I was told there were four traffic fatalities.  I spent most of the time (and money) in the bookshelf section and kitchen gadgets, so I can’t report on the gardening section, alas.@LimboLady –  I b ought a wooden dish rack for drying hand washed dishes, a secret desire I’ve had for years, votives, towels, little ginger crisps.  I looked at a bookshelf system that will require some negotiation and persuasion on my part before a purchase.  But we will be back for Baby Noah’s birth so perhaps I can buy something then.@secros60 – might we be sisters separated at birth?  My trips are always described by the eating experiences.  My DIL had Swedish meatballs and shared one with me.  I went with the special, Chicken Cordon Bleu.

  5. OK, admittedly, I live a sheltered life, what’s IKEA?My first cab ride, I was almost 5, it was nasty raining and my Mom and all 3 of us kids, (me and the 2 younger) were caught out at the Cottage Grove shopping center in San Diego, we’d just missed the bus home and it was pouring! My mom, who was the most frugal woman I knew, put all 4 of us in a cab and we went home. My next cab ride, 10 years ago in London!

  6. @applechexx – Not sheltered, just rural.  IKEA is a HUGE (sq miles perhaps) Swedish home furnishings store.  IKEA stores are only found in large metropolitan areas.  There are fabulous buys on beds, bookshelves, plates, napkins, coffee tables, etc. etc. etc.  The sleek Scandinavian lines are so attractive.  Lots of displays of sample kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms.  Even a whole house set up in under 500 sq. feet.  They show ways to make a small space work, which helps for so many city apartment dwellers.

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